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"Too many books?" I believe the phrase you’re looking for is "not enough bookshelves".

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source  Rabbit in Bluebell Woods

Johan Laurentz Jensen (Danish, 1800-1856) - Lilacs, oil on panel, 46,8 x 35,5 cm.



why test on animals when there are prisons full of rapists

because the prisons aren’t actually full of rapists

the rapists run free and the prisons are full of people charged with weed possession

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Mask of Medusa.

"You can tell a lot about a person by what kind of music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs that come on. Tag 10 people you would also like to learn more about through their taste in music." Tagged by binnyyy. Thanks :)

1. Shrine by Beats Antique

2. Anne Bony by Death Grips

3. Manhattan by Cat Power

4. Melodies & Desires by Lykke Li

5. Canteen by Superhumanoids

6. Myth by Beach House

7. If There’s Time by Odesza

8. I See My Mother by Poliça

9. Children of the Sun by Dead Can Dance

10. Echoes of Mine by M83

I’m surprised that Sigur Rós didn’t come on shuffle.

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"I remember
When I was a star
In the night
A moving, burning ember
Amid the bright
Clouds of star fire
Going deathward
To the womb.”
- Jack Parsons

Susan Burger - Blue Agave